We are looking for creative, motivated, and hardworking PhD students and postdoctoral researchers interested in working at the interface of chemistry and biology. 

PhD Students: The lab is growing and we are looking to recruit motivated and talented PhD students. Please make sure you have carefully considered the research activities of the group and defined your specific areas of interest together with how you propose to be funded before contacting us.

Postdoctoral researchers: Currently, we are hiring two postdoctoral researchers to start as soon as possible. We are looking for backgrounds in (1) organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, chemical biology and (2) molecular biology, protein engineering, directed evolution, yeast genetics, and phage display. The positions are funded by the Wellcome Trust with a potential duration of 4.5 and 6 years.

Information about the positions and the project: 

  • Position in synthetic chemistry: We are looking for someone with a strong background in chemistry with an emphasis in chemical biology, organometallic chemistry, and catalysis. The researcher will synthesise new substrates to detect different enzymatic activities, which will be later employed in novel evolutionary campaigns for the directed evolution of enzymes. Another part of the project will consist of the discovery and development of new chemical reactions catalysed by evolved metallo-enzymes. 
  • Position in protein engineering / synthetic biology: We are looking for a biotechnologist or molecular biologist with a strong background in protein engineering and synthetic biology, ideally in directed evolution. The project will consist of implementing new platforms for the directed evolution of enzymes like protases or photocleavable proteins. In addition, we are also interested in antibody engineering. The directed evolution will be carried out in different organisms like phage, bacteria, or yeast. The evolved mutants will be incorporated into different molecular tools for cell biology, optogenetics, and neuroscience.

To be fully considered, all applications should have a full CV including a publication list, a cover letter highlighting your research background and which research area you are most interested in working on, and finally, the names and contact details of two references. Please send to . 

The application process will include an application review, a virtual interview, and finally a visit to the lab.  Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

While funded PhD and postdoctoral positions will be advertised when available through the university jobs portal and this webpage, I would be delighted to receive inquiries from talented individuals that can support their stay in the lab by applying to funded fellowships such as those below.

Note: for graduate student roles, please ensure you have applied to a Cambridge graduate programme before applying to this lab. 

About the lab

We are a chemical biology lab, located at the University of Cambridge, that aims to apply the principles of chemistry in order to unlock our understanding of cell biology and using biology to create new chemistry.  


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